Gilly Jaxson

Gilly Jaxson 

Professional Psychic Palmist, Tarot reader, Soul coach, Past Life lecturer and Spiritual teacher.

She works from a pure energy  vibration level. From a healing level of light and love.

Gilly Jaxson has been offering readings to clients all over the globe for over 25 years. Successfully giving  guidance in many matters with regards to love, relationships, career, family and financial matters.

She also offers intuitive guidance on diet, food and health.

Gilly specializes in love, sex and interpersonal relationship, soul mate and past life readings.

Her direct and honest approach will not disappoint.  Over the many years as a reader Gilly knows that her life purpose to be the conduit, the middle man, the guide...she reads your vibration, your soul, it gives you the truth, directions, guidance and the real essence of you, it's a different is a language that starts from the heart. This is a pure communication that starts from the heart, deeper, more sincere, you will never be lead wrong. Her readings are mainly focused around the vibrations of the heart & soul supported by the guidance of universal source energy.

I am simply here to re-connect you and lead you to a place of happiness and peace.


Chakra Healing Sessions

How do I know if my chakra energy is blocked or out of balance?

Often we can tell by our mood, if we feel in a bad mood, or do not wish to communicate our feelings, scared for no apparent reasons, anxious about the past, present, or future. Sometimes you may experience a continual emotional ‘empty’ feeling, this can overwhelm us often we find it increasingly difficult to emotionally, physically, and mentally move, or get on with our lives.

What is a Chakra Healing Session?

Your chakras are 7 energy systems that run’s through the body.Working from the highest levels of intuitiveness Gilly creates a safe space. From here she can access if your chakras are blocked or imbalanced. Removing the blocks and re-starting the chakra energy can bring more abundance, more love, and wealth into the life. It can put you back on track and remove the worry, creating more positive energy. You will begin to feel more peaceful. Your calm state will assist you to find the solutions to any present stressful situations.  Simply beautiful sessions that focus on refreshing, awakening, re-connecting, healing and renewing your energy.

Types of readings available

Love & Sex, Relationship Readings...

Money & Abundance Readings

Career Guidance Readings...

Distance Past life Readings...

Distance Chakra healing sessions...15mins / 30mins

Soul Mate readings...

Health and diet initiative, guidance Readings...

Live Tarot Forecast readings -  15mins - 3 months / 30mins -  6 months / 1 hour  - 1 year... 

Gilly's live skype reading


Client Tesimnionals

Love & Relationship Reading

Receiving a reading from Gilly for the first time was a fantastic experience.  I felt immediately relaxed.  I had a tarot with her, which was fantastic.  She immediately told me about my past, providing me with exact time frames, and described personality traits that only those close to me would know.  She accurately described my relationship and current thoughts towards work and my future.  I have to say, I was very conscious as to not give anything away either, so to say I was impressed with what she told me would be an understatement!  Gilly has a very warm, caring approach to what she does as well as having me in stitches:  I felt like I was sat with an old friend, even though I’d only just met her.  I would fully recommend having a reading with her, I walked away with a deeper understanding of myself and confirmation of where I’m going. Thanks Gilly x

Kelly Wright