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My Journey within shamanism

A shaman is a person, who interacts with both the normal world and the world of the spirits. However, the shaman is unique in that he or she not only has increased facility for travelling in non-ordinary realms, but also uses their spirit relationships to create changes that will manifest in the physical world, for the healing of the individuals or the community. This definition differentiates shamans from other types of practitioners. For example, mediums use altered states of consciousness, but they do not take action in those altered states. And sorcerers take action in altered states, but not necessarily to heal.

My journey within shamanism started when I travelled to Peru to do an initiation course. Shamanism is a different way of living. It connects you to everything you touch, hear, smell, taste and see all the senses in one. It opens your chakras and connects you to the universe. Shamans do not necessarily posses all his or her powers on their own, but may be channelled through the higher power of the universe. Some might say we are just a vessel for the universe to work from. A shaman may also use a alter to help the connection process of the ritual they are performing. The alter normally consists of old artefacts passed down in generations of shamans.

Although it is just as important for the shaman to be connected to the universe as it is to mother earth. The universe connects us to all spiritual beings past, present and future. Mother earth connects us to every living soul, plants, animals, humans and other beings surrounding us. This makes it imperative for the shaman to posse stability within the physical, emotional and mental self.

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